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Living up to the "challenger" bank moniker

Goldman and JPMorgan developers are leaving for this fintech

Think Revolut is the only digital bank in London hiring? Think again. Starling Bank are beginning what appears to be a rapid expansion both remotely and across its UK offices and is bringing in talent from a number of the big US banks.

This month, the fintech acquired two experienced banking engineers. Jason Hoang was a Goldman Sachs VP with over 7 years experience and Karow Maruf spent four years at JPMorgan after acquiring a masters in computing from Imperial College.

Starling's ability to poach banking talent is nothing new, Glasgow based cybersecurity specialist Ivalyo Ivanchev joined in November having spent over seven years at both Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan. Beyond engineering talent, Starling also brought in Goldman alum Reuben Steenkamp to become a strategy analyst in December.

Starling isn't slowing its hiring either. It currently has 74 individual positions open.

What does Starling provide? Remote working for one, a huge plus for engineers who aren't appreciative of big banking execs forcing them back to the office. For those who like the office, the bank has five locations across different cities in the UK.

As with many fintechs, the flat hierarchy seems a welcome break from the rigid bureaucracy of big banks. For example, the firm hosts weekly AMAs (ask me anything) with their CEO, branded as #AskAnne. That the bank has a female CEO could also be a clinching factor for those that champion diversity.

Based on salary data, it also looks like Starling is starting to increase its compensation. A senior engineering salary from this month reported a base salary of £117.7k ($145k), the highest salary recorded for the company, on just 3 years of experience.

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AUTHORAlex McMurray Editor
  • Ro
    7 February 2023

    These engineers are parasites who eat their host from inside out. Then they are off to a new host. No regard for the craft but only money money money. I have seen the damage these seniors with 3 years experience can do the company asset i-e codebase

  • Ni
    Nicolas Bourbaki
    31 January 2023

    >A senior engineering salary from this month reported a base salary of £117.7k ($145k),

    That's nothing

    >the highest salary recorded for the company, on just 3 years of experience.

    Scrap that, that's a lot for only 3 years experience (Senior engineer with 3 years experience?).

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