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Irrespective of imminent redundancies, this is why insiders say you should not work at the following banks

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Banks are known to have cultural idiosyncrasies. For example, we have long said that Evercore that works its people very hard. Deutsche is known for being a little political and Goldman is known for being a bit all-encompassing.

Now, many of those known prejudices against particular institutions have been confirmed – by those who work there.

Website the Vault has just released its 2013 league table of the best banks to work for. JPMorgan comes out on top. You can see the full list here.

More interesting, however, is what employees told the Vault about what it’s like to work for each organisation. We’ve broken out the downers, together with a few redeeming points, below.

1. You would not want to work for JPMorgan because…

JPMorgan bankers say they work long hours, that the schedule is demanding, and that you have the feeling of never being disconnected from work or the markets.

More positively, JPMorgan’s bankers also say that there are great people, that the culture is very respectful and inclusive and that JPMorgan is committed to developing junior talent.

2.  You wouldn’t want to work for Goldman Sachs because…

Goldman Sachs bankers say the work hours are very demanding – there’s a 24/7 commitment. They say the type-A culture can mean you’re with ‘overly-competitive colleagues.’ And they say that pay has been subpar at Goldman Sachs in recent years.

More positively, Goldman’s bankers say they too are working with talented and driven people of a high calibre, that they work on the most exciting and innovative transactions in the industry and the culture is outstanding and rewards teamwork and collaboration.

3.  You wouldn’t want to work for Evercore because…

Evercore bankers say the hours are very bad because deal flow is so heavy and deal teams are so lean.  Because back office support isn’t very strong. And because it’s disorganised and lacks structure.

More positively, Evercore’s bankers say you get a lot of exposure to big deals and a lot of exposure to senior bankers and clients even at a junior level.

4.  You wouldn’t want to work for Credit Suisse because….

Credit Suisse’s investment bankers complain that the structure of compensation remains an issue (this is even after Credit Suisse raised the threshold at which bonuses start being deferred last year. You also wouldn’t want to work there because the hours are apparently long and life is apparently stressful.

On the plus side, Credit Suisse bankers also feel that they’re working with outstanding colleagues who are some of the, “smartest, most highly motivated people in the industry.” They also say that Credit Suisse is lean, creating opportunities to “stand out.”

5.  You wouldn’t want to work for Jefferies because…

Jefferies bankers divulge that the hours can be long there too. It doesn’t help that some processes are inefficient and IT and infrastructure issues can be frustrating, nor that the firm remains the underdog.

On the other hand, Jefferies is apparently full of young, fun, energetic people who take their work seriously, but not themselves.

6. You would not want to work for Deutsche Bank because…

As has long been rumoured to be the case, Deutsche Bank employees say there “ a lot of politics” there. It’s also, “high pressure” and “very hectic.”

More positively, Deutsche is highlighted for being a “pretty diverse” employer, in terms of both race and gender.

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.