Signals that Norway's pension fund could need to hire more soon

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The Norwegian oil fund has never been one for bullish statements around hiring intentions, but its signal to increase the amount of risk it takes on suggests a need for more investment staff.

The sovereign wealth fund, which is the world’s largest yet still less active in international investment than some Middle Eastern funds, has suggested that it will be more of an opportunistic investor when markets dry up.

“This fund isn’t an average fund. Perhaps we can do more to increase exposure to various systematic risk premia,” Pål Haugerud, head of asset management in Norway’s finance ministry, told the Financial Times.

He leads a team of just 12 people in the asset management division, known as Norges Bank Investment Management. Don’t expect any hiring to be overly aggressive, therefore, but it currently has four vacancies for either research or trading positions in Oslo and London.

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