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SECRET DIARY OF A MARKETS INTERN: I can barely stay awake without the stimulation of the trading floor

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After meeting some interesting people last week I started this week with a much better idea of where I’d like to work full time. Although I really like my current desk, I’m not getting a great vibe on job opportunities. I think they like me but it’s not exactly the best time for headcount, and they hired a guy last year.


Bearing this in mind I decided I would try and spend a third or so of my time on another desk, hedging my bets. I emailed the other desk on Monday asking if they had any time and they replied offering me two afternoons, on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was pretty happy and agreed. This meant I could spend the morning on my desk and complete my morning tasks then spend the afternoon on another desk, trying to impress.


Everything was going well until Wednesday afternoon, when someone from the other desk I hadn’t met was back from holiday. Unlike the others who had been pretty welcoming, this guy absolutely grilled me. He made me ‘make markets’ (ie provide a price at which I would buy or sell the result for a given sum per point) on random events related to the Olympics eg ‘how many medals will china win today?’ or ‘by how many seconds will we win this event?’ In the end I lost about £200, and I was a little shell-shocked to say the least. I tried to act like I wasn’t bothered, but I was pretty gutted.


When I returned to my desk on Thursday, the VP I had been reporting to for my project informed me that he wanted me to show it to my boss after the morning meeting on Monday. After two days off the desk I had completely forgotten about my project, focusing purely on impressing the new team. I immediately realized that I was going to have a terrible few days, and I barely left my desk. What made matters worse was we had an HR arranged talk that afternoon, using up time I really didn’t have!


By the time of the talk I was completely flustered. I arrived late with a group of interns from my division and HR were furious. The speech was interesting but I couldn’t forget about my work. After the guy had finished talking, there was the standard Q&A session we have become very familiar with. As ever, the usual offenders popped up with generic questions, usually beginning with ‘now that you’re so successful’. I could barely stay awake without the stimulation of the trading floor, and as I looked around I could tell I wasn’t the only one.






AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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